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Celebrate Spinal Health Week™ and Stay Active

spine people The World Health Organization reports that musculoskeletal conditions can reduce your function, mobility and dexterity. Worldwide, they’re the second leading cause of disability. In Australia, low back pain is a primary reason that people miss out on social activities, sport and work.

Simply put, our health should be better. During Spinal Health Week, which is celebrated 20-26 May 2019, we invite you to find out more about maintaining your active lifestyle and spinal health. Let’s make sure you can continue doing all the things you love.

Why Movement Matters

When it comes to your spine, movement is vital. If you feel stiff, are unable to bend over and just don’t move like you used to, we want to work to restore your mobility. When your spine functions well, you have a better chance at improved living.

You can be proactive and take control of your wellbeing, preventing future problems from occurring by engaging in simple moves everyday. Daily walks outside and stretches like sun salutations are perfect start.

Discover Your Potential

We love seeing people get out of pain and return to their desired activities. Find out more about what we can do for you and celebrate Spinal Health Week with us. Contact Newstead Chiropractic today to book your new patient appointment!

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