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Our Fantastic Range of Vitamins & Health Support


  • Bowl of natural nutritional supplmentsFIBROPLEX PLUS – A muscle relaxant in the form of magnesium powder. Magnesium relaxes the muscles, which assists with stress, sleep, period pain and constipation. It helps relax tight muscles supporting your adjustments and assisting with back pain.
  • CARDIO X – Helps to relieve fatigue and stress! Includes the magnesium support along with the added advantage of the entire range of B vitamins! The high dose of bioavailable Magnesium in this product aids nervous tension, stress and mild anxiety and muscled contraction. It can be beneficial for magnesium related deficiency symptoms, including muscular aches and pains.
  • Inflavonoid Intensive Care and Inflavonoid Sustained Care – A herbal tablet, which reduces inflammation and joint swelling pain. It contains both Turmeric and Boswelia extracts, which have been used traditionally in Western and Ayurvedic medicines to reduce inflammation and pain.
  • C-ULTRASCORB II – A buffered vitamin C with extra Hesperidin and Cysteine to support healthy immune function. Assists in the management of Upper Respiratory Tract Infections and reduce the severity and duration of colds and flu’s.
  • METAZINC WITH VITAMIN C   –  Assists with the fast replenishment of Zinc and may reduce the severity and length of colds and flu’s.
  • 5 Mushroom Extract – A high potency mushroom extract which may assist in the management of allergies and upper respiratory tract infections.


  • ORGANIC SUPREME GREEN BLEND – A wonderful wholefood surce with a wide range of antioxidents and phytonutrients essential for energy and immune health. Containing Organic Barleygrass, Wheatgrass, Chlorella and Spirulina, this green powder is highly alkaline and full of nutrients. Free from lactose, dairy, wheat, yeast, artificial flavours, colours or preservatives. GM free.
  • ORGANIC COLLOIDAL MINERALS  -  Plant derived organic colloidal minerals.  Can be used daily as part of a healthy lifestyle plan.
  • ORGANIC PROBIOTICS  –  Easily absorbed, low fructose, dairy free, gluten free.  Helps maintain good intestional bacteria which are essential for a healthy bowel and a strong immune system
  • ORGANIC INCA INCHI PROTEIN POWDER – An all natural, chemical free organic protein powder. Inca Inchi is a rich source of protein, amino acids, omegas plus vitamins and minerals.


  • PILLOWS – Posture Form, Contour-Cure – Takes the risk out of your pillow being too high, too low, too soft, or too firm. Removable inserts in these memory foam pillows allow you to adjust the shape and height for your comfort and postural needs.
  • BEDS –  We recommend the Sleepmaker Original Chiropractic Collection exclusive to Sleepy’s.
  • BELTS  – Serola sacroiliac belt: Ideal for chronic back pain, sciatic pain, pinched nerves and hip pain.

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