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Posture in Newstead, Brisbane

gentle chiropractic careWhether we’re hunched over our workstations for eight or more hours a day or looking down at our digital devices for an extended period, our posture can suffer, and we can develop the modern-day malady known as “tech neck.”

A Solution in Advanced Biostructural Correction

Enter Advanced Biostructural Correction (ABC™), a game-changer for promoting optimal posture. The goal of ABC is to “unravel” the body through those problem areas, release each area of tension and and dysfunction.

ABC uses a weight-supported spine assessment conducted upright to correct posture and return the body to its natural upright position, providing an optimal environment for our nervous system to work.

Dr Dermot, who has extensive experience employing the ABC technique, conducts detailed spinal examinations to accurately identify locations of mechanical stress and employs adjustment methods to relieve it. He focuses his adjustments solely on regions that the body cannot self-correct.

The Benefit of Regular Adjustments

Regular adjustments over a period of time may yield significant long term improvements helping, helping office workers and everyone enjoy better posture!

Ready to Perfect Your Posture?

Discover how Advanced Biostructural Correction can improve your life. Contact Newstead Chiropractic today to schedule an appointment.




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