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Headache Relief in Newstead, Brisbane

Woman with aching headThrobbing pain at the front or side of the head. A dull ache. Intense discomfort or “brain freeze” after eating ice cream or drinking a cold beverage. As one of the most common pain conditions experienced around the globe, headaches can range from slightly uncomfortable to downright debilitating. This common type of discomfort often causes missed school or work days.

How Chiropractic May Help

Adjustments may be a beneficial care option for tension-related head pain. To address such discomfort, our chiropractors may use different techniques, including Sacro Occipital Technique® (SOT), Torque Release Technique, and Advanced Biostructural Correction (ABC).

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there other natural ways to reduce head discomfort?

Relaxation techniques, yoga, or acupuncture may help alleviate pain. At the practice, we also offer supplements and wellness products like pillows that complement chiropractic care.

Can eliminating certain foods help alleviate my head pain?

Possibly. For example, dark chocolate, Parmesan cheese, and red wine can cause headaches in many people. If you notice you get head pain after consuming these or other foods and beverages, it’s a good idea to eliminate them from your diet.

When should I seek immediate care?

If you have a headache that is unusually severe or gradually worsens, it’s important to seek attention. You also need immediate care if your head pain follows a blow to the head or is accompanied by fever, stiff neck, confusion, decreased alertness, or memory loss.

Other warning signs include visual disturbances, slurred speech, numbness, weakness, or seizures. If you experience any of the above, it’s crucial that you seek immediate medical attention.

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