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Advanced Biostructural Correction (ABC™) in Newstead, Brisbane

curved spine overlay on backAdvanced Biostructural Correction™, or ABC™, is based on the belief that our body compensates for injuries over the years, and the impact continues to grow over time, causing postural issues.

The goal of ABC is to “unwind” the body through those problem areas and “unlock” each area of tension and injury and completely erase them.

What Makes ABC Different?

ABC is a structural technique based on a weight-bearing analysis of the spine done while standing to correct posture and return the body to its natural upright position, providing an optimal environment for our nervous system to work.

Dr Dermot examines the spine to narrow down precisely where mechanical stress occurs and uses adjustment techniques to release it. He only adjusts in areas where the body is unable to correct itself. Regular adjustments are needed for several months to make permanent changes.

Embracing Change for All Ages

Our sedentary lifestyles have allowed these issues to become widespread. People of all ages have been “unlocked” using this procedure. Even pregnant women have benefited from this amazing technique.

Dr Dermot assesses each individual to decide if they’re a good candidate for the adjustment. He aims to remove mechanical stress from your body’s skeletal, muscular, and tissue structures to balance your body, improve your posture, and reduce or eliminate your pain.

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Correcting your posture may have more benefits than you believed. Learn more about ABC; call to book today.




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