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Sports Chiropractor in Newstead, Brisbane

Sports Injuries/Athletic Performance

Regardless of their level, every athlete understands the toll that sports can take on the body. Injuries and constant physical stress can affect performance and, ultimately, the love for the game. That’s where Advanced Biostructural Correction (ABC™) comes in. We offer this technique at Newstead Chiropractic.

A Game Changer in Sports Injuries

A structural technique based on a weight-bearing analysis of the spine, ABC, is done while standing to correct posture and return the body to its natural upright position. The result is an optimal environment for our nervous system to work.

Chiropractor Dr Dermot inspects the spine to identify specific areas of mechanical stress and applies adjustment methods to alleviate it. He only adjusts in areas where the body is unable to correct itself. If appropriate, a program of strengthening exercises and stretches may also be recommended.

An Essential for Athletic Performance

Whether you’re an amateur player or a pro athlete, ABC can enhance your posture, benefit your performance, address injuries and help you unlock your full athletic potential.

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