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Spinal Health Week 20-26 May 2013

Back Pain Affects One in Eleven Brisbane Residents

Let’s Get Back to Our Best campaign launches Spinal Health Week (20-26 May)

Back pain is a common ailment for the residents in our community.

One in eleven residents can be expected to have back problems this year.

This means one of the most powerful preventative health steps you can take is to improve your postural fitness.

That’s the message from the Chiropractors’ Association of Australia (CAA) who is urging residents to Get Back to Your Best this Spinal Health Week (20 – 26 May).

Dr. Irene O’Brien has called upon the community to take up the challenge of improving their postural fitness.

Postural fitness helps you lead an optimal healthy lifestyle; reduce muscle fatigue and improve your postural endurance,” Dr. Irene O’Brien, Chiropractor said.

“Postural fitness means optimal spinal alignment. It gives you greater strength and endurance, better coordination and balance,” Dr. O’Brien said.

To take control of your postural fitness, you need to think and walk tall and pick an exercise plan that will strengthen your core muscles.

Dr. O’Brien suggests exercises such as pilates, yoga or swimming are good choices to strengthen your core.

But Dr. O’Brien also says we need to pay attention to how we are sitting and how long we are sitting. The CAA can provide a free Sit Right widget, which can be downloaded to your desktop to help prompt you to take regular breaks.


Tips for improving your posture at work include:

  • Try standing when you’re on the phone for extended periods;
  • During meetings take regular stretch breaks;
  • While you’re working at your computer take short breaks to stretch and stand;
  • Check and adjust your position regularly.

Get Back to Your Best is part of a national campaign by the CAA to draw attention to the size of the problem of back pain in Australia.

To promote the message that a healthy spine leads to a healthier life, Newstead Chiropractic and Health is conducting workplace health presentations to educate local businesses and their staff.

“Spinal Health Week is a great reminder to make an appointment with your local CAA chiropractor to assess your spinal health and discuss how a more active lifestyle will improve your overall wellbeing,” said Dr. O’Brien

Chiropractors, who are five years university trained, are experts at analysing posture and spinal problems and can provide expert care, lifestyle and exercise advice.

Over two million Australians have back problems each year. The consequences of back pain are serious – it affects families, lifestyle and productivity. People with back problems report 2.5 times more disorders, such as depression.

The CAA believes that more investment in chiropractic care and research is necessary. To support the CAA campaign visit to the Spinal Health Week Facebook page at

For an individual posture assessment or workplace health presentation, contact Dr. Irene O’Brien on 0424663486.

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