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Take Control of Your Health at Home

key with keychain labeled healthAt Newstead Chiropractic, we provide the natural care you need. We see our role as your guide and support, which is why we also give lifestyle advice to our patients. With our well-rounded approach, you’ll be able to recover your health and get you back to doing all the things you love.

We like to tell our patients about three main activities they can do on their own time: sun salutations, the Straighten Up initiative and walking. In between your visits with us, you’ll find that they can help you stay mobile, able and vital.

Sun Salutations

The guide for this movement pattern is best explained in picture form, which you can find here. It involves a series of movements that are coordinated with your breath. It’s designed to boost your strength and enhance your flexibility. In just a couple of minutes every morning, you’ll feel ready to take on your day.

The Straighten Up Initiative

Created by the Australian Chiropractic Association, this set of simple exercises will take three minutes to complete. It’s appropriate for all ages and can be completed at your convenience. Find a time of day that works best for you and stick with it. You can download the PDF of instructions here. Would you prefer a digital version? Get the app instead!

Soak up the Morning Sunlight

It’s long been known how beneficial sunlight is for your health. Make the most of it each morning with a walk. Walking four times a week (40 minutes for each session) is all you need to improve your mobility, balance and health. Put your phone away so that you’re looking straight ahead with proper posture.

Can’t get outside? It’s better to walk inside than to not walk at all. This is an activity that’s easily tailored to the appropriate level to suit you.

Your Lifestyle Advice Resource

Along with our chiropractic care, we’ll give you tips and tricks that can be easily implemented in your everyday living. Contact Newstead Chiropractic today to become a patient!

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