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Three Simple Tips That Pay Massive Health Dividends

Food is fuel. The quality of that fuel is a direct reflection of the state of health and wellbeing that you’re currently in. If you know that you could probably do better for yourself, you’re not alone. Making unwise food choices can lead to inflammation in your joints. If you’re experiencing soreness or other forms of pain, you may benefit from making some changes to your lifestyle.

Below, we have three tips that can suit anyone and are easily implemented in your life.

  1. Measure your water intake. Many people think they’re drinking more water than they truly are. Coffee and soft drinks can’t be counted as they will leech the water from your body, leaving you dehydrated. Consider using a water filter. Store your water in glass or stainless steel, not unstable plastics.
  2. Add some citrus. Putting a bit of lemon or lime juice in your water can help your body to better absorb it. Plus, it tastes great!
  3. Get your essential salt. There is plenty of talk about how some salts can be bad for us. Others, though, can be highly beneficial. Salt is a mineral that our bodies need.

High-Quality Supplements Available

Are you concerned that you may have a deficiency? Today’s food quality isn’t what it once was. Perhaps you have extreme amounts of stress or a high activity level. All of these can mean that you’re not getting the nutrients you require. We provide supplements in our practice to support your vitality.

When you combine chiropractic with nutritional support, you’ll enhance your recovery and healing.

Contact Newstead Chiropractic today to get started!

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