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Importance of a Good Pillow

When Did You Last Check Your Pillow?

Our neck is ideally designed to have a forward C shaped curve (cervical curve lordosis of 35-45 degrees) so the weight of our head is carried directly over our spine and body. A loss of this curve can predispose us to degenerative disc and joint disease and effect how we function (not necessarily how we feel as pain is not always associated).

What can contribute to this loss of curve?

Certainly previous injuries and impacts may do but so do many of our repetitive daily postural habits such as hours with our head flexed forward reading iPads and mobile phone screens!

What can we do about it?

Depending on what has caused the loss of curve there are a number of approaches to help restore and/or maintain a ‘normal’ neck curve. However, one habit that can contribute to helping you have a good neck curve is your pillow and sleeping position.

Complete Sleeprrr Original - Memory Foam Pillow

Even your sleep time can be adjusted for better health! Image source.

  • Check your pillow once a year to ensure it is still supporting you
  • Do not sleep with two pillows under your head as it may cause excess flexion
  • Sleeping with no pillow can leave your neck unsupported
  • Ideally sleep on your side or back with your neck aligned with your spine (If you are a stomach sleeper please speak to us!)

If you think you require a new pillow speak to us regarding the Chiropractic contoured ADJUSTABLE pillow range we have.

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